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Yellow phase and parties


Moving into yellow on May 29th!

Finally, Luzerne county will be moving into the yellow phase on May 29th, lifting some of the restrictions placed due to Covid.  In this phase gatherings up to 25 are allowable, and we are here and ready to help you make any event happen.  This is right in time for graduation parties, backyard bbq’s, small intimate weddings, and any other type of event you can dream of.  Saying that there has been reports that having people outside is safer than inside, so utilize your yard, deck, or driveway.  Listed below are some of our thoughts and idea’s in helping you plan your event to resemble some type of normal.  

  • Spread out your party over time

    • All tents we set up are installed no later than 24 hours before your event, and we do not take them down until, Sunday or Monday depending on your party day.  So if your event is Saturday and we aren’t coming back until Monday, spread the party over two days.  
    • Extend the hours of your party.  In doing this you can stager your guest list, family in the first few hours, friends in the last few.
  • Allow for more space

    • We understand people have lots of concerns with social distancing, so we can help you arrange your event into a slightly larger than needed tent to provide that extra space. 
    • Ask us for a layout plan so you can see how to best setup the tables and chairs to maintain safe spacing between guests.
    • Order a larger dance floor, once again all about spacing people out, more room to dance and more room for backflips or whatever crazy dance move you’re gonna try.
    • If you are planning on using your house a tent can help spread people out more
  • Order an additional tent

    • Maybe your yard can only fit one size but you have room alongside your house or on your driveway, so order an additional tent for food and drinks, or dance area.
    • To encourage distancing maybe a second tent is needed to accommodate everyone
  • Other things to consider

    • Using a tent means less people inside your house which makes cleaning easier
    • Rent a port a john to keep people totally outside
    • If your event is now smaller, make it memorable by adding decor, specialty lighting, a clear top, or any other add-on you may not have done
    • Use the tent near your garage so you can utilize the space in your garage also
    • We have multiple colors and can coordinate your schools color

We hope this list has helped you in preparing for your party, as always if you need any assistance or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help you and if your not sure what will fit or best location for your tent let us know we will be happy to send out a crew member to go over you event with you.  Below is a link on how we are operating during these times.


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