Big Top Rentals is excited to announce the addition of The MAGGPIE Collection!

Through the MAGGPIE Collection you’ll find a unique assortment of furniture. From bars, dining tables, high tops, bistro and even coffee tables you’ll find pieces that are designed and hand-crafted in house. The collection also provides a wide range of lounge furniture that will elevate any event! 

Where did MAGGPIE come from?
MAGGPIE Rentals has been serving the Philadelphia event market for the last 10+ years. Designing and building hundreds of pieces of furniture to ensure their collection was unique and one of a kind for their customers. MAGGPIE is run by husband and wife team Jason & Maggie and after 10+ years of forging their own path in Philadelphia they have decided to return to Maggie’s roots and combine forces with her parents and brother at Big Top Rentals. We can’t wait to elevate your next event with our new collection!