During these times events will take on a very different feel, and approach.  With close to 40 years in the event rental industry we have the experience to help navigate these trying times.  We have listed below our approach, actions, ideas, and concepts to help you through these events.

I am still having a small event what precautions are being taken?

  • We will offer contactless delivery if you wish.  We will send the contract to be signed electronically, with the ability to pay in advance, and just ask to mark off the spot where you would like the tent placed.  This way there is no interaction.
  • If you would like to be on site also not a problem, our crew will have masks on them and we have already instituted new guidelines for working with customers such as remaining 6 feet away with mask on.
  • We will now be disinfecting all products upon return to our facility.  All tables, chairs, floors, and other related products will be placed in our parking lot upon return to be promptly disinfected.  All china and flatware already get disinfected when returned so those procedures will remain the same.
  • We will have in stock disposable plastic table clothes.  We always highly recommend covering your table, and carry a large selection of cloth table covers.  We will now stock disposable table covers in a variety of colors that will arrive with your delivery.
  • We offer fans to help circulate the air better while under the tents.
  • We also have layout diagrams to help you set up your space with suggested distancing.

My venue is restricted on capacity what can I do?

  • Talk to your venue and see if they have an area for a tent.  With a tent you can increase size of the venue to accommodate the guest list you are hoping for, and still can be at the venue you want.
  • Have it at your house or a friend or relatives house.  If you or someone you know has the space for a tent its a good option and a lot of brides and grooms choose this option last year and still created an unforgettable event.
  • Have a smaller more intimate event.  Not ideal for some however the ones we have done our clients where extremely satisfied with the outcome of their event.

Other ideas, and suggestions.

  • If you didn’t plan on using a tent and were only using your house, a tent would be a good idea now.  With a tent you can space out your guests with added room.  You can keep everyone outside your house if you aren’t sure you want people inside your house yet.
  • Do not order sidewalls for the entire tent.  We recommend at this time to leave the tents open as much as possible to help with air flow.
  • If on the day of your event you have nice weather utilize more space outside the tent.  Use the tent for food and drink and maybe a table or two and space the rest outside the tent.  This will encourage distancing yet still allow people to enjoy each other.
  • Have a hand sanitizer area.  We are working as hard as we can to acquire hand sanitizer stations but due to current circumstances these have been increasing difficult to acquire, when we get them we will inform you and they will be available for rent and we will attach them directly to the tent.  Until then its not a bad idea to have some sanitizer available for your guests, preferably near the buffet table.
  • Guest lists.  This is the hard part we know, but now is the time to look over your guest list and see who can be cut from the list.  Maybe the graduation party is just immediate family.
  • Two day party.  We have all tents set up by Friday for all events as we give the crew Saturday off, and pick up on Sunday.  So use the two days to your advantage, have family on Friday, and friends on Saturday, or split the family in two days, your family day one and in-laws day two.

We hope this information is helpful, and makes you feel a little better about having a small gathering.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us as we are here to help you.  We wish everyone to be healthy and safe during these times.