White Wash

Luma Tops

Our Luma top is a semi clear top for our pole tents. It is not totally transparent like our clear tops but allows more sunlight in than our normal blockout tops.  This top is an awesome addition to any tent.  Call today to ask about sizes.


Clear Top Tents

Our clear top tents went over so well we have increased our inventory!  We now offer clear top tents in 20′, 30′ 40′.  No description is needed because you can clearly see how amazing they are.

White folding chair

White Plastic Chairs

This is a great alternative to the white resin chair.



The decor is the perfect touch to make your event unforgettable!

Options are:

  • Center Pole wrap
  • Side Pole skirting
  • Between side pole skirting
  • Ceiling wrap from center of tent out to the edges or center to center
  • Paper lanterns with or without lights
  • Cafe lights
  • Chandeliers

White is the standard color for all options.


Tent Liner

The most elegant addition to our tents!  The liner gives the tent a beautiful pleated look covering the entire inside of the tent.  We now have the ability to light up the top side of the liner giving the liner a “glowing” effect.  We can light up the liner in white or a color, or multiple colors.  The liner is available for 30′ wide and 40′ wide pole and frame tents.

Double peak tent set outside in ground pool

High Peak Frame Tents

We have an awesome and growing selection of Vistas.  What is a Vista?  A Vista is a frame tent with a higher peak, beautiful swoops, and no center pole.  They come in 10×10, 15×15, 20×20, 20×30, 20×40.